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Chen Erfu

Chen Erfu was born in Jiangsu, China, since an early age he was deeply influenced by artist Chen Dayu and his father, which resulted in his pursuit in learning to paint. Graduated from Art College Suzhou in 1989, he was guided by Misters Zhoa Wuji and Chen Oizhang, both Art Masters.

In the initial stage, Chen Erfu liked the impressionists school, but also painted some modernist school works. However, what he now follows is the realist style and he tries hard to paint the charm south of the Yangtze - full of emotion with his own strong style, almost close to impressionism!

In order to portray the life of the water land people south of Yangtze, Chen has been exploring local areas. Lake Taihu with its mists and waves stretching far into the distance. Blue waves surging in the Grand Canal, river alleys ripple and the dark blue wavelets rise everywhere inside gardens. People in waterline dwell next to waters, their habits , customs and folk ways cannot be isolated from the background of the waters with variegated colours and historical traces in old courtyards, compounds and mansions which Chen Erfu depicts in a very moving way.........

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