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Bruce Yardley

Born in 1962 Bruce Yardley grew up in an artistic home, and so was inspired to make a career in the arts. He studied at Bristol, gaining a degree followed by a doctorate at Oxford.

‘The Impressionists were the first painters who really meant something to me, and that continues to this day. Whenever I go to a big civic art gallery, it’s the rooms representing the half-century from 1860 that have the most life and interest for me. What I especially like about them is their willingness to paint almost everything that passed before their eyes. There was no longer a hierarchy of worthiness in subject matter.’muses Bruce. He paints exclusively in oils, working within the impressionist tradition.

His subject matter is varied, but interiors and townscapes from home and abroad feature prominently. In all his paintings, Bruce’s concern is to capture the varied effects of light. ‘His strengths lie in confident brushwork, subtle colouring, firmly differentiated tones and convincing compositions. But perhaps where he succeeds most of all is in the ability to offer a teasingly restrained quality that suggests or evokes rather than painstakingly describes’. (Oliver Lange, ‘Masterclass’, The Artist, April 1999.)

Menena Joy Schwabe Memorial Award for work exhibited at ROI annual exhibition, December 2000

Published Profiles
Masterclass, The Artist, April 1999
Painters of today, Leisure Painter, July 2000

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