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Tony De Wolf

Prices range from 3500 to 9500 pounds

Tony De Wolf was born in Antwerp (Belgium) in September 1961. Since he was a little boy, he liked drawing. Whenever he could find a pencil and paper, he started to make sketches, trying to draw what the great Old Masters drew, as well as what he saw around him... objects, pictures just anything he could lay his eyes on. His stubbornness made him survive in various situations. There was this goal that kept him going: proving that he would become a great painter, wanting to show his talent to the world, becoming a colleague of so many artists he admired throughout his youth.
No one in his family predicted such a talent but nevertheless he kept faithful to his passion. So the will to reach for the nearly unattainable, to touch the unreachable, to create the almost perfect visual reality in his paintings, made him what he is today... an extremely talented and valuable artist. After seven years of painting classes at the Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Tony looked for new horizons, new challenges and found private guidance in the atelier of Willem Dolphyn and later with Peter Van Tongerloo. Here he found new important technical and moral support, which led to control the art of still-life painting, in a hyper realistic way.
His compositions display the technical gifts of the Masters yet incorporate a fresh approach in presentation and selection of subjects. He has no wish to trick the viewer into believing they are viewing an Old Master, he is creating contemporary paintings in the twenty-first century. His compositions leave the spectator stunned... he can almost smell the fruit and vegetables, while enjoying the freshness of their colours.

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