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Rachel Talbot

Rachel Talbot was born in Staffordshire in 1984, and still enjoys living in the beautiful Peak District. Brought up in artistic surroundings it is no wonder that Rachel aspired for a career in the arts. She began her training in all disciplines of art, but Rachel soon realised that sculpture was her first love. Studying for three years specialising in classical figurative sculpture, she soon became a highly talented artist.

Rachel's sculpture has many influences. She is a great admirer of children's illustrators such as Arthur Rackham and Beatrix Potter and like them, her attention to detail is above and beyond. The works clearly also show her love of literature, ranging from Grimm's fairy tales, to Lewis Carroll and Charles Dickens.

Her work is full of merriment and charm. Yet Rachel’s pieces celebrate an extensive range of emotions, born of close observation of the human experience. The figures are uniquely modern with their vibrant patinas yet beautifully classic, nostalgic and timeless all at once, not to mention the distinct English humour.

Her passions for literature both in adult and childhood has given Rachel an intriguing sense of make believe. ‘In my artistic journey through life I have
every intention of indulging my imagination and like Peter Pan I strive never to
grow up!’

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