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Benson Landes Minatures

Born into a family of European artists in 1927, Benson Landes left school at the age of 14 to study fashion and design. Working at his father's clothing factory, he learned pattern cutting and gained a better understanding of the world of fashion. Designing clothes was the natural progression for Benson, who eventually set up his own couture business in 1956.

After 25 successful years designing and supplying high fashion to some of the most famous couture houses of the day, Benson decided to retire to pursue his foremost passion, sculpting and modelling. He immediately designed a collection of eight sporting bronze trophies, which were snapped up by Crown Jeweller's Garrards and, with this prestigious client in his portfolio, Benson was able to introduce himself to a number of important individuals and fine art houses.

Working mainly on commissions for the next fifteen years, Benson joined the Halcyon Gallery in 1996 and his exquisitely graceful bronzes have since been exhibited across the country, with collectors worldwide. Benson attributes the characteristic elegance and movement of his classical figure sculptures to his career as a couturier, where he gained an in-depth understanding of the female form.

Commenting on his work, Benson says, ‘Sculpting is my passion, my meditation. I've reached a stage in my life where things of beauty are more important to me than anything else - my world has to be perfect, romantic and filled with quiet elegance. I feel lucky to have been given a natural talent and, being self-taught, I've had the confidence to express my individuality. I get immense pleasure from my work, but my real satisfaction comes from knowing it has touched other people.’

Benson passed away in 2013, leaving a legacy of an incredibly beautiful collection of bronze figures for us to enjoy for many years.

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