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Peter Van Tongerloo

Peter van Tongerloo was born in Turnhout, near Antwerp, in 1946. In the atelier of his father, Peter started to enjoy painting from an early age. Later, he trained at the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp graduating in 1968. He then continued his education at the National Higher Institute of Fine Arts, for another five years. Peter passionately enjoyed studying the work of the 16th and 17th century Dutch Masters. Soon Peter was appointed Professor at the Academy of Antwerp, where he trained young painters for many years.

Peter has developed his own contemporary still life style. He is a delightful storyteller, creating ideas to engage the viewer on many levels. With his fine handling of paint and colour he presents works that are poetic, harmonious and humorous. Peter is a true craftsman and a complete artist. He masters different styles and alternates hyper-realism with a more naïve way for portraying his landscapes.

All his paintings are in oil on panel.

During his career he won many awards and was offered a medal from the city of Turnhout. He held many exhibitions in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Monaco and in England.
His works can be found in both private and corporate collections worldwide.

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